2016 Shining Light Awards Winners

Each year, Natick Education Foundation recognizes the enormous value of community service by awarding three major honors: the Harriet F. Siegel Shining Light Award, the Educator Shining Light Award and the Community Business Shining Light Award.



Harriet F. Siegel Shining Light Award
Rich Whalen


Educator Shining Light Award
Margaret Boudreau


Community Business Shining Light Award
The Center for Arts in Natick





Wednesday, March 23, 2016
The Center for the Arts in Natick
Champagne & Dessert Reception following the award ceremony.





The Harriet F. Siegel Shining Light Award

is given to an individual who has made a sustained volunteer contribution that has increased the quality of life in Natick in a broad sense over a long period of time, including, but not limited to, supporting educational excellence and strong schools; and/or made an outstanding, major contribution at a particular point in time to quality education. NEF seeks especially to honor those who foster creativity, embody the spirit of volunteerism, support the accomplishments of others, work to the highest standard of excellence, show wisdom and humor.


The Educator Shining Light Award

is given to an individual who has made a sustained outstanding professional and/or personal contribution to Natick’s children through dedicated advocacy for strengthening education; creativity in the pursuit of higher standards of educational excellence, an ability to inspire a love of learning and desire to excel, and/or providing mentoring and guidance in helping our children develop into responsible, productive adults.


The Community Business Shining Light Award

is given to a business that has made a sustained or substantial pro-bono or voluntary financial contribution that has supported educational excellence and strong public schools.



Anyone may nominate an individual or business. Complete the nomination forms as completely as possible, and include any support materials you would like to have considered. ALL NOMINATIONS MUST BE RECEIVED BY FEBRUARY 6, 2016.


The Awards

The Shining Light Awards signify the highest recognition for service in support of the quality of life in Natick and to quality education. Award recipients will be honored at a ceremony on March 23, 2016.



of each award receive a plaque and proclamations in their honor from state and local government, and are inscribed on Award Plaques on display at the Morse Institute Library. A one-year NEF grant is named after the recipient of the Community Business Shining Light Award, and the recipients of the Harriet F. Siegel and Educator Shining Light Awards are each given the opportunity to direct $1,000 of NEF funds to the educational project or improvement of the recipient’s choice (some restrictions may apply).


About Harriet F. Siegel

Harriet Siegel was a co-founder of the Natick Education Foundation in 1990. She was a major contributor to all of the NEF’s work, including the walkathon, grant awards, the Taste of Natick, and was the “Queen Bee” of the annual NEF Spelling Bee. She was a driving force in Natick Cultural Arts and the larger Metrowest Cultural Arts, and was a longstanding member of the Parents’ Coordinating Council and the PTOs at Cole, Brown, Kennedy, and Natick High Schools. Harriet was active in the leadership of her Temple and contributed her time and energies in so many ways to building a strong and connected community. Her accomplishments are too numerous to mention, but it was her spirit of generosity and caring that mattered most. The NEF is proud to support the continuation of her broad influence by recognizing others who have also made their own unique contributions through the establishment of this award. The first NEF Shining Light Award was given to Harriet Siegel in September of 1997. Harriet died in June of 1999. We are forever grateful for her life, and in her honor we renamed the NEF Shining Light Award in 2000, to be known as the Harriet F. Siegel Shining Light Award.