Congratulations to the 2017-18 NEF Master Teacher Fellows

In celebration of Teacher Appreciation Week (May 8-12, 2017), NEF is thrilled to uplift and congratulate the 9 Natick educators who have been selected as the 2017 NEF Master Teacher Fellows.

These NEF Teachers Fellows will serve 1-year fellowships modeling exemplary teaching practice in the Natick Schools. They have chosen an instructional area around which to focus their instructional modeling and coaching in the district. They will each a design modeling and coaching experience with a minimum of either 8 coaching hours or 4 professional development presentations and 4 coaching hours. NEF Fellows will also participate in one professional development experience related to their focus area and disseminate their learning to other NPS staff.

How does the NEF Master Teacher Fellow program work?

Potential NEF Fellows are required to complete an application outlining their plan. These applications are reviewed by both the central office and building administrators. Priority is given to staff whose prior teaching evaluations indicate exemplary practice that could serve as a model for others in the system. Fellows receive a stipend from NEF for personal compensation as well as reimbursement for one professional development experience.