NEF Exponent STEM Grant

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NEF Exponent STEM Grant

Employees from the Natick office of Exponent, a world-wide science and engineering consulting firm, have generously donated $1500 to NEF to be used for a STEM project within the Natick Public Schools.
The Exponent STEM grant empowers Natick Education Foundation to further support NPS teachers, staff, and students in the 2017-2018 school year. For this special grant contest, priority will be given to high-quality, well-written proposals and projects that will have large and lasting impact. The NEF Exponent STEM Grant contest is open to all grade levels, pre-K to 12.

Projects that enhance and enrich the curriculum; cut across disciplines, grade levels and school buildings; or are otherwise innovative are always welcome! This grant cannot be used to fund non-STEM projects, one-time field trips or consultants, food, or more than incidental consumable supplies.

Funding for this grant is through the generous contribution of Exponent. The project selection process will be completed by the NEF Grant Committee with final approval by the NEF Board.

Please email with any questions regarding your proposal.
Participants interested in this special grant contest must apply via the
Exponent STEM Grant Online Application. The deadline for applications is 10pm, February 1, 2018.