Congratulations to April’s Mini-Grant winners!

  • Kennedy Middle School: Ellen Brenneman and Nathan Kittler and the Hy-Par Mini Golf Team
  • Natick High School: Andrew Hollins and Alyce Burnell, Jay Pillai, Ellen Brezinsky, Katelyn Amico, Becky Tramontozzi, and Nick DiAntonio
  • Wilson Middle School: Amy Bloom and Sheila Pogarian

What are NEF Mini-Grants?

NEF Mini-Grants are small-scale grants given to teachers at the middle and high school levels for projects that enhance the curriculum and enrich the student experience. Mini-Grant funding is still available! Our next deadline is May 1st. Please note that the Mini-Grant program will end with a final round in June!

Apply today at: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/nefminigrants

KMS Mini Golf Hy-Par PBL

Ellen Brenneman and Nathan Kittler
Kennedy Middle

This student-written, teacher-supported grant was submitted by a team of Kennedy sixth graders. Earlier in the year, students were challenged to imagine, design, create, and test scaled models of a mini golf hole that could be used at KMS for field day events and fundraisers. The winning team of this project-based, student-driven STEM activity wrote and submitted a compelling project application. NEF is pleased to present the Hy-Par team with the funds needed to bring the ideas to life!


Women in Tech Posters (Girls Who Code)

Andrew Hollins and Alyce Burnell, Jay Pillai, Ellen Brezinsky, Katelyn Amico, Becky Tramontozzi, and Nick DiAntonio
Natick High School

The goal of this project is to explicitly communicate to all students that anyone has the ability to pursue math and computer programming, regardless of their family background, race/ethnicity, or gender. Although teachers communicate this expectation on a regular basis, engaging underrepresented students in math and computer science faces many barriers. Having Women in Technology posters prominently displayed in the classroom is part of a larger effort to break down these barriers and encourage students from diverse backgrounds to pursue upper-level math classes, and computer science classes at both the introductory and AP levels. All NHS math classrooms will receive two posters that can be prominently displayed; the classrooms that host Computer Science classes and the Girls Who Code club will receive additional posters.


Science and Society Nonfiction Unit

Amy Bloom and Sheila Pogarian
Wilson Middle School

The Science and Society unit pairs 8th grade science students with science-based, narrative nonfiction books on a topic of their choice. This NGSS and Common Core aligned unit provides students with an opportunity to explore a science related topic of interest to them, that they might not otherwise have the opportunity to delve into during the course of the year. Students are asked to critique their selected book through a written reflection and and oral presentation in the form of a video. NEF seed funded this project three years ago. This new grant will provide additional book titles that cover current events and pressing topics in science including: the opioid crisis, cloning, concussions, autism, and more.