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Harriet F. Siegel Shining Light Award Nomination Form

The purpose of the Harriet F. Siegel Shining Light Award is to recognize individual volunteers in the Natick community for their contributions to the quality of life and/or public education in Natick.

Deadline: Nominations are due to NEF by February 6, 2019.


The individual must have made a sustained volunteer contribution that has increased the quality of life in Natick in a broad sense over a long period of time, including, but not limited to, supporting educational excellence and strong schools; and/or made an outstanding, major contribution at a particular point in time to quality education. NEF seeks especially to honor those who foster creativity, embody the spirit of volunteerism, support the accomplishments of others, work to the highest standard of excellence, show wisdom, and humor.

Who & How

Anyone can nominate, and anyone can be nominated. The Natick Education Foundation makes all decisions. All nominations are confidential.

Past Recipients

Harriet F. Siegel (97), Charlotte & Marshall Lebowitz (2000), Virginia Lyster (01), Joan Craig (02), Violetta Tutuny (04), Debra Greenberg Sayre (05), Judy D’Antonio (06), Karen Leese (07), Dick Cugini (08), Erica “Ricky” & Jay Ball (09), Susan Wornick (10), Diane Young (11), Anne Knott Schaller (12), Pat Conaway (13), Christine Fortune Guthery (14),¬†Terri & Bruce Evans (15), Rich Whalen (16), Bruce S. Weisberg (17), Joshua Ostroff (18)

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Due February 6, 2019