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Deadline: Nominations are due to NEF by February 6, 2019.


The Natick Education Foundation’s Educator Shining Light Award honors an individual who has made a sustained outstanding professional and/or personal contribution to Natick’s children through: dedicated advocacy for strengthening education; creativity in the pursuit of higher standards of educational excellence; an ability to inspire a love of learning and desire to excel; and/or providing mentoring and guidance in helping our children develop into responsible, productive adults. Nominees can include active and retired education professionals but can also include others who have a direct involvement with the inspiration and guidance of our children (e.g., coaches, artistic directors, town officials) who may or may not be compensated for their time.

Who & How

Anyone can nominate, and anyone can be nominated. The Natick Education Foundation makes all decisions. All nominations are confidential.

Past Recipients

Dr. Joseph A. Keefe (06), Paula Polk (07), Jan Parsons (08), Richard P. Cotter, Ph.D. (09), Kathi Browne (10), Jeanne Watts (11), Abbie Fox (12), Betty Aucoin (13), Kevin Cotter (14), Scott Morrill (15), Margaret Boudreau (16), Jennifer Marini D’Antonio and Rhonda Garvin Conaway (17), Sarah Donnelly (18)

Nominate an educator!

Due February 6, 2019